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Investor FAQ

Please describe your business and value proposition.

Our licensing of the Cetosome transdermal delivery system allows for mass transport of active ingredients in medications across the skin faster and more effective than many of the current topical medications available. This gives us the ability to produce a pipeline of OTC topical products that are best-in-class relatively quickly and inexpensively.

In addition, we intend to develop an extension of our beauty & personal care products that incorporates the Cetosome technology. We believe this will provide a compelling differentiation in the market and provide greater medicinal benefit to our consumers.

What “pain” point in the market do you solve?

In addition to providing what we believe is a more effective delivery system, in the pain relief category, we are providing a higher quality product at more of a “value” price point.

With respect to our beauty products, we intend to introduce products in our lines that incorporate the Cetosome technology which will, in our opinion, significantly differentiate our beauty products in the market.

How large is your addressable market?

The global wellness market is estimated at $3.7 trillion. The segments of that market that we address is approximately $1.2 trillion.