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We are developing and commercializing products into two market categories: Beauty & Personal Care and Health & Wellness. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful ingredient in both cases. For our health & wellness products, CBD is an anti-inflammatory, provides relief from pain, anxiety and depression and is potentially antimicrobial (helps fight bacteria and pathogens). For our personal care and beauty products, CBD offers antioxidant properties (anti-aging benefits) and anti-acne properties.

Platform Technology – Cetosome Nanoparticles

We have entered into a licensing agreement with Cymbiotics to incorporate its proprietary Cetosome nanoparticles into our formulations. Cetosome nanoparticle composition can be chemically modified to facilitate delivery of various actives including NSAIDs, anesthetics and a range of drugs through the skin. The increased transdermal flux is the key property that differentiates the cetosome delivery system foundational to our formulations from other transdermal drug delivery systems.

In previous studies, Cymbiotics has tested cetosomes on numerous drugs and has had 100% success in drug delivery where the absorption of actives has been increased by up to 70%.